15:00 Berlin

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bliss is coming



and if i knew the doubts would eat me up
i wouldn't wear my sunday suit
i'd burn the sticky notes with prayers lord
then i'd crawl back into my room

so i won't go to church on sunday

wet dreams of sunday mess
wet dress, distressed
forgive me father
for i have sinned

oh daddy take me to church
this weakness made me fucking weird
take me to the place of love
let them touch me for i am sick

let them heal
wash their boredom away
with my tears
with the touches i stole
from those i was cursed to outlive

give my holy father some lithium
he loses his faith completely here
sunday sun tuesday rain
fever till now
i say never again

and after months of skipping services
my point of view stays fixed
i still believe that church won't do me any good
i crawl back into my room





My dearest friends and neighbours from Planet Earth, I greet you.

THIS time of year. Again.

Something magical is bound to happen. Do you feel it? Not really?

Has this year been different? How?

Well, a miracle did happen to me, really. Right on Christmas Eve my phone died, all the way. I have no viable cell phone or anything like one as I record this.

First I was worried as fuck. Then I thought - you all know me well. You know I'm fine anyway, right? I am a trickster and I AM an artist. Look, I'm there, hidden completely behind the red velvet curtain… until I jump out in my triumphant bravado. But that's when I'm at a high point.

I know how the pandemic influences us all. I experienced a few pretty dark moments this year. It's unavoidable.

But I want to remind you, me, her, that there are other diseases that terrify us, too. I personally had to process my own diagnosis a few years ago, and I know what it takes. We live long with such illnesses, we have to overcome fear and move forward, because you know what? Life goes on!! And we will keep on living, fighting, and loving. No disease can stop us.

I must say that actually, such traumatic experiences give us wisdom and clarity. Experience and perspective. There is some sort of gift, on some level, to be found in anything

Never has it been so important to listen to your heart and take really good care of yourself, than now. Whatever that means to you. For this 2021, I ask everyone to try to spend time as aligned with the interests of your own well-being as possible. Please. Gift the world the gift of your well-being.

Make yourself a priority and take good care. We can only win when we're strong.

I Love You

The band of two
Hello dear fans!

I would like to introduce to you my friend, Scrote Esquire. We originally started collaborating creatively as a writer (Scrote) and a musician (myself), but our chemistry was so strong, that quickly the project became us forming a band of two.

We are Bogolepov, and we are so excited for the world to experience our wacky, emotional, political, and "outsider" music.

'Proserpina' video release
This is a completely spontaneous release.

I wrote this song in 2017, then re-wrote the lyrics and did some extra recording and additional production in 2020.

Aleksandra Perova made this art video in 2017, with the amazing Anastasia Gapeeva
dancing. I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for helping me capture these emotions! And you know, yesterday I realised that this song's time has come. It is the most precise expression of what I feel right now.

Pour yourself a cup of warm tea, sit somewhere cosy and watch, listen. It may be sad, but this is my soul, as open as it gets.

'STORIES & TEXTS' section and the good-old
Today I made a new section of my website available. It's called STORIES & TEXTS and there you can find some of my chaotic notes. I'll upload more stuff there from time to time. Keep your eyes open, or subscribe to my mailing list to get updates per email.

And the good old - I need more support to be able to continue my work, so if you believe in what I do and want to give me a helping hand, please join my Patreon.

"Even the era of tyranny is worthy of respect, because it is not a product of people, but of humanity, therefore, it has a creative nature, which can be harsh, but is never absurd. If the era in which we live is harsh, we should all love it even more, permeate it with our love until the heavy mass of matter moves, hiding the light existing on its back side"
Walther Rathenau

"Даже эпоха тирании достойна уважения, потому что она является произведением не людей, а человечества, стало быть, имеет творческую природу, которая может быть суровой, но никогда не бывает абсурдной. Если эпоха, в которую мы живем, сурова, мы тем более должны ее любить, пронизывать ее своей любовью до тех пор, пока не сдвинется тяжелая масса материи, скрывающей существующий с ее обратной стороны свет"
Вальтер Ратенау


photo: Evgeniy Maloletka

1314 LP - streaming services
The 1314 LP is now available on all streaming services, including Spotify.

Okay, I'm new to Spotify, as any other Russian (btw, my Russian friends, congrats to finally have access to Spotify!). And I look at my artist page there and see, OMG, THREE LISTENERS! And, I mean, I am blessed to have those THREE LISTENERS (one of whom is yours truly), at least, I feel like I'm worth SOMETHING already. But, the old attention (whore) queen in me would be sooooo excited if I had more like, er, 1000 listeners there to start with, m?

Come on, just look for „bogolepov 1314" in Spotify, follow the artist, like the album, give it a listen -> make me a wee bit smugger, feed my ill ego and ultimately make me a bit happier knowing that somebody hears what I do and doesn't die insulted by the vulgarity of the piece.

Yahoooo! Let's rock this capitalist platform and help an artist (me) survive!
I think it's a real miracle that my album was released on Spotify a few days before the service came to Russian market. I believe it's a good sign!


Opinion - Russia now
Here is my new text available. My opinion on Russian politics at the moment. The text is in Russian.
Poison Bar Berlin / DJ-set
A fragment of my set/listening party @ Poison Bar Berlin - some new tunes, some old tunes, some heartfelt beats.

Enjoy! Will really appreciate your comments and shares! And yes, please follow my Soundcloud page to stay up-to-date.

Gene Bogolepov

#netmeansno launch
Today we launched the #netmeansno protest project against the constitutional coup happening in Russia. Join us and share the video, please! We want to let the world know what's happening in Russia!

We, the international community that shares the belief that Russia is undergoing an ultimate transition to highly toxic authoritarian regime, are saying

NO to the Russian constitutional coup!

NO to corruption and the poverty it brings!

NO to state supported homophobia!

NO to Putin staying at power!

We demand annulment of amendments to Russian constitution made in 2020!

Talks Without Pants launch / in Russian
The first episode of our new project 'Talks Without Pants' is released. We are talking with Anna Nikolaeva, psychologist from St. Petersburg, about unregistered cases of depression in Russia, mental health stigma and other interesting things. The talk is in Russian language.

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy!
1314 LP release
1314 LP was released on the 20th of April, 2020, after 5 years of work. At the moment the album is only available for purchase on my Bandcamp page.