Patreon Community
In the beginning of 2020 I have launched my crowdfunding community project that helps me continue my work on all of my projects. I am completely convinced that art is work, and, when collaborating with other artists, it is very important for me to be able to pay for their work. And in the end of the day - I am an artist, too, and I believe that I have the right for financial security.

If you want to support me, my art or any of my projects, please join the community and become my patron. I am sharing all the insights of my work with my patrons and provide them with special rewards. Join us here!
#netmeansno protest
This international community project is set to pronounce the negative opinion on the upcoming referendum in Russia. You can read about the referendum here.

More details of the project are coming soon. If you want to know more and possibly participate - you're more than welcome! Email me and I'll send you the details.
Talks Without Pants #TWP
This project was created as a reaction to COVID-19 pandemic. I missed my friends a lot and realised that I started using video calls much more. And you know, I do have REALLY interesting friends! Within these talks we often discuss pretty curious things and I thought - why not record it and share with people? I don't have any precise set of topics, absolutely any discussion is possible. Some of the videos will be in Russian, some - in English. The first episode's release date is 12.05.2020.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and enjoy the talks!

Email me if you want to be a part of this project or want to suggest an interesting topic.