Message from "Polunitsya", volunteer organisation in Ukraine (Волонтерське об'єднання "Полуниця"):

Kiev. Evacuation. 9.3.2022

Our team works in the following directions:

1. free of charge take people who find it difficult to get on their own, from home to evacuation points (Central railway, Darnitsky, buses) within Kiev.
We help the following families:
- with children;
- The elderly;
- People with health problems (unfortunately, not the recumbent and not people in wheelchairs, our cars are not adapted).
At the railway station our volunteers, brave fellows, monitor the current schedule, meet our cars, help bring things and children, as well as get on the train.
In Lviv we have volunteers who can help with accommodations.

To apply, fill out the form.

2. We help people with their cars to leave Kiev safely. We accept applications, we gather the columns of 10-15 cars, hold instructions, accompany.

For any additional information, please call +38 067 512 33 09 (from 7:00 to 22:00) or on Telegram @knyshonline or @ValeriiaBokher.

More information about our activities - Facebook Page